Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing in Tampa, FL

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About Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

The experienced team at the Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa is excited to offer cosmetic and medical tattooing, sometimes referred to as permanent makeup, to Tampa, FL patients who wish to amplify or enhance their natural features. Our highly talented registered nurse, Christin Dottolo, is skilled and licensed to perform medical and cosmetic tattooing of the face and body, including the breasts, scalp, eyes, and lips, and nearly any scarred area of the body. Christin also performs saline permanent makeup removal. All tattooing services are performed in a sanitary, medical environment utilizing highly specialized, professional techniques.

Saline Makeup Removal

During saline permanent makeup removal, a natural salt-based solution is applied to the tattooed area with a tool very similar to a tattooing device. The solution works to essentially dry out and separate the pigment in the area so that it can dissolve and fade with time. The process is both safe and effective, though it may not remove 100% of the pigment in all situations. Patients with fading cosmetic or medical tattoos who wish for a fresh start should ask Christin about removal during a consultation at our facility.

Ideal Candidates for Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

Medical and/or cosmetic tattooing is an ideal option for any individual who would like to alter, amplify, or enhance their look. Your reason for pursuing medical tattooing is highly personal. Some patients desire medical tattooing to help them recover from a life-changing condition, such as breast cancer. Others wish to disguise a receding hairline caused by alopecia. Below is a list of services we offer that you may be the perfect candidate for.

Cosmetic Services:

  • Powder Brows
  • Microblading with Shading
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent Lip Blush

Medical Services:

  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Nipple-Areola Complex 

What To Expect from Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

Prior to your tattooing session, you will meet with Christin to discuss your goals and concerns. She will create a treatment plan that meets your needs and includes healthy expectations for the outcome of the procedure. It is important to remember that similar to any other tattoo, the results will be vibrant at first but may fade in time and require a touch-up. Using very meticulous techniques and her natural artistry, Christin will carry out your procedure, carefully observing and following the natural structure and curve of your face, body, or scalp.

Anticipated Results from Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

There is no need for downtime or a recovery period following your procedure, but you will need to carefully tend to your skin as it heals. Christin will provide you with detailed instructions on how best to care for your skin in the coming days, including how long to protect it from elements, such as the sun and water. Patients notice vibrant, beautiful results immediately after their session is complete. It is important to remember that consistent exposure to the sun can work to fade the pigment so patients should keep their tattoo covered with sunscreen. 

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At Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa, we want our patients to achieve all of their aesthetic goals, no matter how minor or major. If you are ready to enhance your natural beauty with a lasting solution, contact our facility today to schedule your consultation with Christin Dottolo. We are ready and waiting to exceed your expectations. 

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