About Crisalix

Premiere Center For Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa is a superior center for plastic and cosmetic surgery. Our experience and precision in the performance of breast surgery is among the most advanced in the nation. To help patients visualize their potential surgical results, we use cutting-edge 3d/4D VR technology by Crisalix. This innovative tool allows doctors to answer the question "what will I look like after my surgery," with incredible accuracy. 


Want to try out your new look?

After your initial the consultation, Dr. John Williams will provide you with the information you need to access your future look from home. Using your new Crisalix account, you can share the exciting news with your closest friends, spouse, or family.

See Your New 3D Look With Crisalix

It's quite simple!

All you need to do to get started is to upload three standard photos to receive a simulation during your consultation with Dr. Williams. Following the consultation, you will be able to review your future look from your account anytime you desire.

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