Dr. Williams' Instagram Live with New Beauty!

Dr. John Williams | 04/21/2021

Dr. Williams sits down virtually with Tatiana Bido from New Beauty to speak about exciting body sculpting procedures!


What Is the Recovery Time with Plastic Surgery?

Dr. John Williams | 03/31/2021

There are several types of plastic surgery, each with its own recovery time. Contact Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa to learn more.


What Are the Latest Trends in Body Contouring?

Dr. John Williams | 03/10/2021

Body sculpting is more popular than ever before. Think that this type of cosmetic surgery may give you the body you dream of? Here’s what you need


Dr. Williams Featured on NewBeauty.com!

Dr. John Williams | 03/08/2021

Dr. Williams Featured on NewBeauty.com!


Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. John Williams | 03/04/2021

There are dozens of cosmetic procedures performed today. Learn about a few of the most popular ones, including breast augmentation and facelifts.


The Differences Between Liposculpture vs. Liposuction

Dr. John Williams | 02/01/2021

Interested in body contouring to remove unwanted fat? Here’s what you need to know about liposculpture and liposuction.


5 Tummy Tuck Facts That Might Surprise You

Dr. John Williams | 01/07/2021

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can help you achieve a slimmer look. Dr. John Williams reveals some surprising facts about this procedure.


Is This the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. John Williams | 12/08/2020

Consider, factors when scheduling a mommy makeover, which is a combination of restorative surgical procedures that many women choose after pregnancy.


How Pregnancy Changes Your Abdominal Muscles

Dr. John Williams | 12/01/2020

Body changes after pregnancy may include muscle damage in the abdominal wall, leading many women to consider tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy.


Top Treatments for Your Toned Tummy Dreams

Brittany Morgan | 09/14/2020

Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa discusses the top cosmetic treatments that can help you achieve and reach your toned tummy dreams today.


Mommy Makeover – What Is It Really?


If you have questions about what a full Mommy Makeover entails, review the complete list of plastic surgery procedures available for new mothers.


What Is the Body Sculpting BodyTite Procedure?

Brittany Morgan | 08/31/2020

Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa explains BodyTite, where it can be used on the body, and its benefits.



Dr. John Williams | 04/15/2020

What is a Composite Buttock Augmentation? This is a combination of placement of a buttock implant and fat injection of the buttock.


Breaking Up with Your Love Handles

Dr. John Williams | 04/07/2020

Breaking up with your love handles starts with diet and exercise—but when genetic and hormonal factors prevent success, many chose liposuction surgery


Post Maternity Midsection Makeovers

Dr. John Williams | 02/07/2020

After pregnancy, many women are choosing to restore their appearance through postpartum plastic surgery, known as a mommy makeover.


Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck

Dr. John Williams | 01/31/2020

Even with proper diet and exercise, sometimes excess fat and skin need to be addressed surgically. Learn about liposuction and tummy tuck procedures.


The Brazilian Butt Lift: The Golden Rule of 0.7

Dr. John Williams | 12/31/2019

Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa explains Brazilian Butt lift, what “The Golden Rule of 0.7” is, the BBL procedure, and other details.


Tummy Tuck into Confidence

Dr. John Williams | 11/07/2019

Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa shares details about tummy tuck procedures and recovery, the different surgical techniques, and more.


Types of Tummy Tucks

Dr. John Williams | 10/25/2019

Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa explains the different types of tummy tuck, including mini tummy and extended tummy tuck.


The New Age of Tummy Tuck

Dr. John Williams | 10/25/2019

Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa shares details you will want to know about the new age of tummy tuck surgery and various new options.


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